Updates to Gramene's Search Interface -- Webinar: Tues, Oct 4, 2016 @ 2:00 pm EDT

Check out Gramene's improved search!

Would you like to get a sneak peek of what you can find in our databases on your favorite gene, gene family, protein domain, pathway...? Tweak a gene tree to only show your species of interest? Be able to narrow your results by category? Or are you simply having trouble finding your way through the Gramene website? Then this FREE 30-min webinar is for you!

In April, we gave an (overview of the architecture of our new gramene search interface and the data.gramene.org) API. Since then, we have replaced our old search interfaces on www.gramene.org, made enhancements to allow researchers to focus on a subset of genomes of interest, and developed a prototype to show conservation of gene neighborhoods across a gene family.

In this webinar, I will demonstrate the features of the new search interface through a series of use cases and give a preview of upcoming features.

If you have a specific question or case example, and would like it to be addressed during this session, please contact us at webinar@gramene.org.

We are looking forward hearing from you!

Join us online on Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 at 2:00 pm EDT.

To register to this FREE webinar go to http://cshl.adobeconnect.com/gramene_webinar_oct2016/event/event_info.html.

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Gramene (http://www.gramene.org) is a curated, open-source, integrated data resource for comparative functional genomics in crops and model plant species.

The Gramene Project is a collaboration of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Oregon State University, EMBL-EBI, OICR and ASPB Publishing Group.

Gramene is funded by NSF award IOS:1127112. Partial support comes from the USDA and USDA-ARS (1907-21000-030-00D).